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Connecting Cultures - Taste the World

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On 12th February, together with the vegan student association Wageningen (VSA Wageningen), we made some delicious vegan foods representing Wageningen in the “Connecting Cultures - Taste the World” event organized by ISOW - International Student Organisation Wageningen during the Winter AID!

We'd love to welcome all of the students studying and living in Wageningen! S&I as one of the student council party stands for sustainability and better integration. We are always working towards a more sustainable future starting from Wageningen because we have not only the knowledge but also people from over 100 different nationalities. We would love to see more and more students are involved and we also appreciate all the efforts that been put into this topic.

Hereby, S&I would like to share with you the recipe for the Spinach Chinese Dumpling. You can also replace the Spinach with other colorful vegetables to change the color of the dough.

During the 100 year celebration, the WUR alumni office also provides very nice vegetarian recipes from a World famous chef - Yotam Ottolenghi to cooking together for a sustainable future. If you like to know, you can download it HERE.

If you want to know the other nice vegan food recipes, don't be hesitate to contact VSA Wageningen for more information!

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