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S&I joins the GAN drink regularly to bring news from the university to the green sustainable organizations. We also bring discussions to the drink and listen to the opinions from the students.


This time, S&I Secretary Domenico Renders brought the discussion on food and beverage on the Campus to the drink. Wageningen University is currently working on a new vision for coffee, vending machines and caterers as a base for new contracts with coffee suppliers, vending machine suppliers and caterers. Because we want to have the leading position on sustainability, more green ideas need to be considered. GAN is a great place for S&I, the student council party, to hear green ideas that students come up with.

or example, lowering the amount of single-use plastics or even stopping the usage of it in the future catering on campus was supported by student present. Also, other interesting thoughts, like performing a play on food and beverages in the jump-in theatre (inspringtheater), were mentioned by the students from all the different green associations.

S&I is a young party in the WUR Student Council and we are always looking for new opportunities to cooperate and are willing to share our thoughts with different people. For example, cooperation with your association, your friend's group or even yourself is very appreciated! Contact us if you find something interesting or want to implement new ideas!

If you are interested in this event, or if you'd like to share your thoughts and experiences, feel free to comment below! Or contact us via email: s.i@wur.nl or drop by the student council office to have a cup of coffee with us.

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