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Housing! Rights, Duties and Safety!




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Are you facing housing-related problems but don't know where to go? We are here to help!

Housing is one of the essential needs of all the students in Wageningen. When you facing problems related to housing, it's usually tiring and stressful. S&I sees this issue a lot among not only international students but also Dutch students. Thus, S&I organized this event which invited several organizations that provide housing-related services.

Topics like housing safety (explained by Wageningen Municipality), water and waste tax (explained by Student Alliance Wageningen (S.A.W.) ) and rights of tenants (explained by HousingDesk Wageningen) were covered during the event. StartPunt Wageningen also shared other housing information during the event.

Students who joined the event asked questions and make appointments with the related organizations directly after the event. We are glad to see this event helped these students.

For those who did join the event, we would like to invite you to download the presentation slides here:

Organization Introduction

HousingDesk Wageningen is a non-commercial housing agency for students and other house-hunters. When you are looking for a room or if you have living space available, this is the place to be. Many international students, MSc students and Dutch students find a room via HousingDesk. Idealis (social student housing) and WUR also refer their clients to HousingDesk. Except for the HD rent subsidy service all our service and advice are free of charge.

Student Alliance Wageningen (S.A.W.) is the student union of Wageningen. As a union, S.A.W. stands up for the interests of students and sticks to ideals independent of national and local trends. S.A.W. represents all students studying at a higher education institute in (and around) Wageningen. The goal is to optimize living and studying in Wageningen for students. S.A.W. has six key portfolios: Housing, Education, Internationalisation, Mobility, Sustainability, and Social-Wellbeing.

Wageningen Municipality is also very supportive to help any housing and safety-related problems for the students. Below you can find the video make by the Wageningen Polices about living safety. You can also visit StartPunt Wageningen for more information about housing, children, daycare, accommodation and debts.

If you have any questions related to housing at Wageningen, you can always call these organizations to make an appointment or ask for advice.

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