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Municipality board member meeting

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On the 19th of November S&I was invited to the city hall of the municipality of Wageningen to meet the mayor, the aldermen and board members of student organisations.

The mayor gave us a speech on the 75 years of liberation and gave flags to the student associations that own their own building to present this anniversary on their flag post. He also mentioned how he appreciates all the work that is done by student organisations to improve the life of students in Wageningen. 

After that, the Aldermen introduced themselves and told us what they do in the municipality. The police and the fire fighters also gave a little speech on security and at the end of the reception we made a beautiful picture with all the board members, the mayor and the aldermen.

After taking the photo on the stairs, we went back to the city hall to have a drink with all the attendees. The drink was a nice opportunity to not only get to know more about other associations, but also about the plans that the municipality has for the rest of this year.

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