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Period 2 - S&I Dialogue Drink

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On the 21st of November, we had the second S&I dialogue drink. With the update of the name for this drink from the S&I international association drink to S&I dialogue drink, we would love to emphasize that everyone's voice is welcome and important. In this case, we are not only welcoming the student associations to share their opinions in this event, but also appreciating the voices of individual students. The dialogue drink also provided a good chance for organizations to get to know each other and created the opportunity to organize fun events together in the future.

One of the discussions we had this time was about integration. What do you care the most about integration? Have you faced any challenges in Wageningen and do you have any suggestions to improve the situation? We had a fruitful discussion and got a lot of input from individuals and student organizations. Integration should not be limited among different countries but we are aiming to create understanding between people of different cultural backgrounds, sexual orientation, religions, gender identities and (dis)abilities. S&I will definitely work on the issues which we discussed and concluded for better integration.

Another topic was about student housing in Wageningen. What do you worry about the most when talking about housing? Tax, contract or living allowances? Several cases were mentioned by the participants. Considering the problems raised related to housing, S&I is more than willing to help!

Do you like the changes in terms of the program of the S&I dialogue drink? If you have any suggestions about the event or ideas about how to improve integration, feel free to address it to us. S&I is always there to support you!

If you are interested in this event, or if you'd like to share your thoughts and experiences, feel free to comment below! Or contact us via email: or drop by the student council office to have a cup of coffee with us.

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