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Period 3 - S&I Dialogue Drink

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On 23th of January, S&I had our 3rd dialogue drink. We had a very cozy discussion this time and wish everyone had a good time with us.
For the purpose of better integration and internationalization, with a very welcoming invitation from the AID board, we hereby ask international student associations and other associations who are interested in joining the Association Presentation (AP) in the summer AID to contact us or the AID board to start up the event preparation discussion.


Adeiza Momoh from UCAS shared his experience with us on how to host an event. To get your entire association involved in the preparation is one of the most important things that we have learned. Would your organization like to share some experience with us as well? Or if you have any comments or questions, then please let us know in the comments below! If you want to know more about Adeiza and UCAS, check out HERE.

In the third session, we discussed student’s expectations towards the career preparation at WU. In a mentimeter we asked what students expected from the career preparation and what came out of it was mostly helping out with the CV, having more career events and career counselling. What was interesting were the comments to have mock interviews to prepare for your job interviews and chance to talk to companies. Would you like to go to a company during a course as an excursion or would you rather have companies come over to the university like with the career day? Please let us know below in the comments!

At the end of the third session we explained that developing your career often already starts with the choice of your studies and whether you want to become a fundamental or applied scientist. Do you feel like you want to know facts, find answers to the unknown or derive new theories? Then you might like to choose a more fundamental approach in both your study as your career (PhD, researcher, etc.). Or would you rather apply theories, solve wicked problems or develop new products? In that case you might want to consider an applied study and career (developer, laboratory technician, advisor). But even if your study is for example an applied study, it might still lack some fundamentals and vice versa. If you feel like your study is lacking fundamentals or applications you might want follow a course which teaches you what you want or you can talk to your program committee and mention what the program lacks.

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