• What is S&I

    S&I believe students are the driven power to create a better University, here in Wageningen.


    S&I (Sustainability & internationalization) is a multicultural political party in the Wageningen Student Council at Wageningen University. We represent the interests of all students and actively participate in the decisions and policy-making at WUR through the Student Council. S&I strives for sustainability in contributing to a more sustainable university in the area of operation, community, and education.S&I values a better integrated WUR community, student well-being and high-quality education.

    As a branch between the university and students, we build effective interaction between the students and the university.


    S&I is a big tree that supports students in many different ways. We encourage students to be observative, reflective, to speak out and make real changes in practice. We appreciate every student's opinion because we believe students are leaves which can make the S&I tree grow brighter and stronger.


    We are S&I, we ‘rooted in student life’.

    S&I board members

    2019 - 2020

    Yichun Zhou

    Master of Communication, Health and Life sciences

    My name is Yichun Zhou. I am the Chair of S&I Student Council Party as well as the Vice-Chair of the student council. This year my focus will be on the quality of education and the integration among students from all over the world (German, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, African, etc.).

    I have the educational background of both Agriculture and Communication Science. Before joining the student council I am already actively involved in various events. I bet you've seen me somewhere on the campus before.

    My email address is: yichun.zhou@wur.nl, feel free to send me an email or just find me in Forum room 014 to have a little talk if you have any questions or suggestions!

    Zheng Wu

    Master of Plant Science and Plant Biotechnology

    My name is Zheng Wu. I am the promoter and the treasurer of S&I this year. I studied horticultural and plant sciences for 7 years. To enjoy the natural and to experiences different cultures are my favorite. I also have my passions on promotion, designing and communication.
    Thus, this year I will focus not only on enhancing the educational quality and encouraging students to integrate with each other but also on improving the visibility of the student council, great works from S&I about sustainability in the campus and internationalization among students.
    My email address is zheng.wu@wur.nl, if you are seeking for cooperation with us, international students associations or the green organizations in WUR, please feel free to contact me.



    Malik Dasoo

    Master of International Land and Water Management

    As someone who has been campaigning for the past two years for Wageningen university, municipality and Dutch national government to take much more urgent action on the climate and ecological emergency, I am well-aware of how difficult it is to be a politically active student in Wageningen.

    The participation structures of the university are not good enough and there is no support given to active students outside of green groups.


    I want to challenge our university to be better in the elements of sustainability and participation.

    We live in unprecedented times and our university must reimagine what its responsibility is in light of the climate and ecological emergencies. As one of the world's leading life-science institutions, it must be held to higher standards and I believe more students being involved in decision-making processes is one way in which to do that. The university must acquire a rigorous climate policy. This currently does not exist at WUR.


    I stand firmly against the neo-liberalization of our university: we have a right to say in which direction our university collaborates with the private sector. For those asking why a Unilever building was able to open on campus without your knowing or permission, I want to launch an investigation into the student council and executive board to show the limitations of participation as it currently exists. I want to get more students involved in the corporate social responsibility department and exercise the student council's right to consent/approval on these matters.


    Very few students know what the student council is, what they do and how they can participate. I hope, in my limited time, to exercise the university's responsibility to set up a formal complaint procedure that will address issues related to the behavior of individuals at the university or any other organized body at the university. Students should be able to express their disapproval of decisions through a formalized system of participation. This currently does not exist at WUR.


    Please reach out to me if you are ever interested in learning more about my ideas or if you would like to share yours. Whatsapp: +27829003082. Email: malik.dasoo@wur.nl

    Qizhi Ren

    Master of International Land and Water Management

    Hi! My name is Qizhi Ren. I am the secretary of S&I Student Council Party.
    I will focus on ideas about sustainability on the campus on facility and education. Next to that, I want to help out with creating a more comfortable environment in our multi-cultural university.
    In my bachelor's, I studied Harbour, Waterway and Coastal Engineering for 4 years in China. This led me to think more about environment and sustainability then led me to Wageningen University studying International Land and Water Management, I hope that I will be able to help both the current and our future students on sustainability and internationalization.
    My email address is qizhi.ren@wur.nl. You are always welcome to contact me or drop by the office in Forum 012 if you have any questions related to student facilities or culinary activities.

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